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Vegan, Gluten Free, Organic Beans, and Lentil-based side dishes and soups.

When my brother and I were growing up in South America, red, white and black bean dishes, lentils and legumes were always part of our everyday meals. It was only as an adult and later as a mother that I realized the importance of continuing that tradition with my family. Now I want to bring these high-protein, vegan and gluten free products to your table, to your family.

Our Products are versatile, they can be eaten alone or as side dishes and they come ready to eat, from your freezer to your table in minutes, making it easy to incorporate these ancient nutrition packed foods to your diets. They are a natural source of potassium, magnesium, iron, folate, zinc and are packed with lean protein and soluble fiber. These recipes cater to both vegan and non-vegan households.

  • Lemony White Beans

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    Our Lemony White Beans make an excellent dish!  These all natural, organic Navy White Beans are soaked overnight and prepared with lots of fresh chopped onion, jalapeno pepper (we leave the hot part out) and a touch of lemon.  This recipe was developed by me by mistake.  Some of us cooks give our recipes out in bits and pieces, “its just a little of this and a tad of that”, and this is my interpretation of a recipe which originally had neither lemon nor jalapeno!  

    A great gluten free dish that featuring Ohio grown, non GMO, all natural, organic White Beans.

  • Mom’s Black Beans

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    Looking for an organic Black Bean dish that is healthy and all natural?  You have found the right product!

    The rich aromas of this gluten free Black Beans dish are just mouthwatering. I have taken my mother’s black bean recipe and added my touch, lots and lots of cumin! It all starts with Ohio Grown Organic Beans, which are soaked overnight, then its jam packed with fresh flavorful veggies and spices.

  • Spanish Lentil Soup

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    Our Spanish Lentil Soup features organic Spanish Lentils. I have taken my mother’s traditional Spanish Lentil soup recipe and made it vegan by removing the chorizo and added my own flair. This is a family favorite and a regular go to staple in our freezer. I can truly say that this all natural Spanish Lentil recipe is the one that started it all! Defrost a container of Spanish Lentil Soup and you have an easy and nutritious meal for lunch or dinner.

  • The Thin Red Bean

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    Our Thin Red Beans are a favorite in our home. We use very little oil when we make these gluten free Red Beans.  We soak our all natural Red Beans overnight and instead of sauteeing our Red Peppers and Tomatoes we roast them, giving this dish a milder but at the same time nutty rich flavor.  This vegan, preservative free Red Bean dish is a regular at our table at home because it has a very mild flavor and goes with anything.   My kids have been known to just eat them with pita chips! 

    This gluten free dish featuring all natural, non GMO Red Beans.

Our Bean and Lentil Dishes are made from the Very Best Ingredients!

Gluten Free Bean Side Dishes

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